• CISD Math Academy & Problem Solving Model

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    CISD implemented the UPS-Check problem solving model in 2017 as our district structure for incorporating the TEKS Math Processing Standards into daily mathematics instruction and guiding all students to be analytical mathematical thinkers and problem solvers.

    All instructors of math utilize strategic, frequent questioning and research-based instructional strategies to engage all learners in the process of reading, writing, critically thinking, inquiring, and collaborating about math daily.  The  utilization of the UPSC model and instructional strategies in daily lessons and activities help students to make connections across the multiple mathematical representations within concepts.  

    In CISD the UPSC problem solving model goes beyond the traditional use as simply a graphic organizer to structure thinking in a word problem setting.  The steps of the UPSC model are designed within lesson activities in all problem settings, word or computational, to help guide students' thinking assisting the transfer of math knowledge from concrete, to representational, to abstract.  

    The basic steps for UPS-Check are listed below; however, each step includes additional facets of questioning and teaching strategies to help foster math analytical thinking, math process understanding, and math literacy.

    U-UNDERSTAND what the problem is TELLING and ASKING you

    P-PLAN your STRATEGY for solving the problem


    C-CHECK and/or EVALUATE your answer for REASONABLENESS

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