• Employee Dress Code


    Professional Dress Guidelines
    The image Cleburne ISD projects to the public are reflected in the professionalism of its employees. Appropriate attire and grooming is an important part of this profession.
    Board Policy DH (LOCAL): The dress and grooming of District employees shall be clean, neat, in a manner appropriate for their assignments, and in accordance with any additional standards established by their supervisors and approved by the Superintendent.
    General Standards: 
    All employees shall observe modesty, appropriateness, and neatness in clothing and personal appearance. 
    The District’s minimum standard of dress for campus employees is business casual attire. Campus administrators and central office employees are expected to observe the general guidelines for standard business attire.

    Non-Campus Personnel

  • Uniformed Personnel

  • Technology

  • Campus Based Personnel

  • Nurses, PPCD, Life Skills and Related Positions

  • Guidelines for Women

  • Guidelines for Men

  • Jewelry, Hair, Hats, and Other Items:

  • Inappropriate Clothing

  • Shoes

  • In-District and Out-of-District Staff Development Days: Follow regular dress code guidelines.

    Campus Staff Development Days: Principal discretion.

    Teacher Work Days: Follow regular dress code with the exception that jeans and/or shorts are allowed as designated by the principal.

    Jean Days: Jean for fundraisers or incentives as approved by the superintendent’s office AND other discretionary days designated by the superintendent. Jeans must be neat and clean with no frayed edges, no holes, no sagging. Jeans cannot be too low rise or too tight.

    Spirit Shirt Days: Spirit shirts may be worn no more than one day a week as designated by the principal.

    Certain job assignments might allow for dress code lenience as determined by the superintendent or designee.

    If you have any doubts about your attire, it is probably best not to wear it. The administration has the authority to determine any inappropriate dress of faculty and staff.