• Wheat Middle School Student Council Constitution

    We the scholar represents of Wheat Middle School will follow the examples of yesterday’s leaders in order to become the leaders of tomorrow.  We will represent the student body to the best of our abilities in academics, athletics, sportsmanship and citizenship.  Our goal is to strive for excellence as we build a foundation for a better tomorrow.  Our legacy to Wheat will be experience, knowledge and integrity. 

    We the student council at Wheat Middle School, pledge to be a responsible, trustworthy, respectful, fair, caring citizens who will guide others.  We pledge to be a leader.


    Responsibility- do what you are supposed to do, keep trying when something is not going right. Think before you act and consider the consequences.
    Trustworthy- Be honest in everything you do, and do not cheat or steal. Be reliable and do what you say you will do.  Have the courage to do the right thig in your life…be loyal.
    Respect-Use good manners in your daily life, no cussing, put downs, or inappropriate talk. Be considerate of others around you-do not threaten-deal peacefully with others anger, insults and disagreements.
    Fair- Play by the rules, be open minded, listen to others ideas, do not take advantage of the people around you and do not blame other for your mistakes. Own up and admit when you are in the wrong.
    Caring-Be kind and compassionate to others and show you care about them. Express your gratitude, forgive and do not hold grudges and help friends as well as strangers when they are in need.
    Citizenship- Do your share to make your school and community better. Get involved in school and community activities when possible.  Be a good neighbor to others.  Obey and respect the rules, laws and authority.  Protect the environment and wildlife around you.

    To promote in each individual at Wheat Middle School a desire for good citizenship/leadership.
    To create and promote school interest and school spirit
    To promote school unity, along with good relations between the student body, faculty, administration, and community.

    Duties and Responsibilities
    The student council will act as representatives of Wheat Middle School at all school functions and events, and out in the community/public.
    The student council will express the desires and opinions of the students they represent. They will relay all proposals, projects, ideas, and/or grievances given them by the members of the student body.
    Will be determined at the end of the school year for 7th & 8thgrade, and at the beginning of the next school year for 6th
    Membership will be determined by an evaluation process and questionnaire.
    All members will be evaluated by five teachers whose class they attended.
    Evaluation forms will be totaled and then averaged.
    If student evaluations are below 80% they will not be selected as a member of the student council.


    Executive Officers
    President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Public Relations
    The President shall:
    *Preside over all meetings

    *Call special meetings

    *Serve as the official representative of student council

    *Oversee all committees/projects

    *Work closely with the student council sponsors.

    The Vice-President shall:
    *Preside over meetings if President is absent

    *Take over as President if the president becomes incapacitated for any reason or is removed from office

    *Take roll at each meeting

    *Help in overseeing all committees

    The Secretary shall:
    *Keep the minutes of all meetings

    *Make sure all committee files are complete and accurate

    *Prepare agendas

    Handle all correspondence within the membership

    The Treasurer shall:
    *Keep accurate records of funds that come in or dispersed

    *Promote and organize all fundraisers

    *Verify all resources needed for activities

    Public Relations shall:
    *Handle all articles to send t the paper and to administration

    *Oversee donations

    *Publicize all activities

    *Notes to community organizations

    Historian shall:
    *Document important events for the student council

    *Take photographs

    *Take notes or keep journal

    *Write reports of all activities

    *maintain and update student council webpage

    VI        Committees

    Committees will be assembled I order to work on separate projects simultaneously to be time efficient. Committees may be assembled under the following conditions:
    *The committee serves a purpose that must be met by the Student Council.

    *The Chairman will be appointed by the Executive Officers with the approval of the Student Council sponsor.

    *The Chairman chooses the members of the committee and appoints their duties with the approval of the Executive Officers and the Student Council sponsors.

    VII       Removal from Student Council

    ISS will go before a committee to determine removal or not
    *1st is a warning

    *2nd is three-week probation

    *3rd is six-week probation

    *4th is removal

    If you do not make it through your probation period before acquiring another demerit, you are removed from student council.

    ***All members are expected to carry out their given assignments and participate in all activities.  Time spent working on activities not connected with student council during assigned meeting times and functions will result in:

    *1st warning

    *2nd is three-week probation

    *3rd is six-week probation

    *4th is removal

    ***Student Council members who do not participate in fundraisers will NOT be allowed to go on field trips or conferences/conventions.

    *Absences applies to all meetings and events –If you know you are going to miss please see Student Council sponsor ahead of time.  If you miss due to illness, please see Student Council Sponsor.

    *All members are expected to attend all meetings

       (those in athletics will be the exception, they will make up meetings at a later date.)

    *Each member is allowed two absences

    *Three tardies equal one absence.

    *The fourth absence (without approval) results in probation

    *The fifth absence (without approval) results in removal 

    This constitution can be amended due to changing times, school rules, and other unforeseen circumstances.  Wheat Middle School Administration can veto amendments and changes. 

    I have read and understand the Wheat Middle School Student Council Constitution.  I agree and promise to abide by its contents.