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AAAC - Grade Realignment Recommendation Presentation To Board of Trustees 09/21/20

Academic Alignment Advisory Committee co-chairs Stephanie Philips and Brad Mead present AAAC recommendations to Cleburne ISD Board of Trustees, September 21, 2020

Presentation to the Facility Advisory Committee on September 23, 2020 covering:

  • Work and Outcomes of the Academic Alignment Advisory Committee
  • CISD Bond Election History
  • The status of 2016 Cleburne ISD bond referendum
  • Current & Expected CISD Demographics
  • Public School Finance 101

FAC Presentation 11/11/20 Covering:

  • Overview of Grade Realignment Process & AAAC Decision
  • Facilities Needs & Options Supporting Grade Realignment
  • Technology, Security, & Safety Needs

FAC Presentation 11/18/20 Covering:

  • Review of Facilities Needs, Options, Pricing, and Priorities 
  • Strategic Options for PAC, SAC, and Stadium

FAC Presentation 12/02/20 Covering:

  • Final Review of all Presented Projects
  • Financial/Tax Impact Scenarios

 FAC Presentation 12/16/20 Covering:

  • Final Reviews of All Presented Projects, Priorities, and Pricing 
  • Review Financial/Tax Impact Scenarios

 FAC Presentation 01/13/21 Covering: 

  • Recap FAC Decisions
  • Survey Results
  • 2016 – 2025 Long-Range Facilities Plan
  • Fulfillment of Charter
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Final Bond Referendum

FAC Recommendation To Board of Trustees: January 19, 2021

FAC members Stephanie Philips and Vance Castles present the CISD Facilities Advisory Committee's bond recommendation to the board of trustees during Tuesday's board meeting.