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Construction Phases and Descriptions

Construction Phases and Descriptions

See Construction Phasing Schedule Below

1. Programming: Gather information from members of the administration, community,  

    and teachers.

2. Schematic Design: Create overall designs based on programmed information.

  • The design process of multiple schemes
  • There is no one single “right” design
  • Check and recheck against Programming information and Educational Specifications
  • A working document that verifies progress is staying on target
  • Explore any and all layout and design options to push against any preconceived ideas
  • Adapt design to all gathered information as to what works best
  • Consistent communication with district personnel and educational staff
  • Meetings with Project Design Committee, teachers and district staff, Community Oversight Group, Open House community feedback
  • Work from departmental layout, to floor plans, to building massing, to the interior and exterior design
  • Work from the diagram to building

3. Design Development: Further refine designs and finalize decisions with design impact.            

4. Construction Documents: Produce documents used during construction.            

5. Bidding: Hiring process that allows sub-contractors to review and bid on the cost of services they will provide.            

6. Construction Administration: Work in conjunction with a construction manager to complete construction of all items within the scope of the project.            

7. Punch and Closeout: Review of work completed and conformance to design intent.
Project is delivered and warranty periods are initiated.          

8. Facilities Opening: August 2019     Construction Phasing Schedule

Construction Phasing Schedule