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The Cleburne Independent School District (CISD) provides a free appropriate education program for all children with disabilities who are living in the district. Cleburne children ages 3 through 21 on or before September 1st who have learning or behavioral problems, physical disabilities, or speech disabilities may be eligible for Special Education Services. Children who are deaf and/or blind are eligible for services from birth through 21 years.

A person with a disability is one who has been assessed and diagnosed with a disability that hinders educational performance. Services and assistive technology that are designed to be educationally beneficial for the student with disabilities are available on each CISD campus. A person with a disability is one who has a hearing or vision impairment, autism, specific learning disability, intellectual disability, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, emotional disturbance, speech impairment or traumatic brain injury. The services may either be provided at school, home, or hospital bedside. All personnel providing these services for children with disabilities must meet Texas Education Agency certification standards and are specially trained. Parents of children who are having academic difficulty or failure at school may want to ask the school principal to refer their child for an evaluation. Children with disabilities who are enrolled in private school and/or home schooled are also eligible to apply for these services.

For additional information about the services, contact Cory Borden, Director of Special Education, at 311 Featherston Street, Cleburne, Texas 76033 or call 817-202-1600.



El Distrito Independiente de Cleburne ofrece educacion gratuita y appropriada para todas las personas incapacitados viviendo en el distrito de Cleburne. Los servicios son disponibles para todos los ninos incapacitados de nacimiento hasta 21 anos de edad. Servicios y assistencia tecnologica disenados de ser educativos y utiles para los incapacitados son disponibles en cada escuela en Cleburne. Una persona incapacitado es uno que tiene una debilitacion auditiva y visual, desabilidad de aprendizaje, debilitacion ortopedico, problemas emocionales o de comportamiento, o debilitacion del lenguaje. Los servicios pueden ser ofrecidos en la escuela, en el hogar, o en el hospital.

Todo personal ofreciendo estos servicios para los incapacitados tienen que ser presentados con un certificado de la Agencia Educativa de Texas (Texas Education Agency) y son bien preparados. Padres con ninos que tienen problemas academicos y estan reprobando pueden pedirle al director que refieran su hijo para una evaluacion.

Ninos incapacitados que estan registrados en escuelas privadas o reciben educacion enel hogar tambien son eligibles para estos servicios.

Si desean mas informacion sobre estos servicios, pueden llamar Cory Borden, al director o la oficina de Educacion Especial en Cleburne al 817-202-1600.