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Bus Pass Payment Information

Students that are not eligible for bus service because they live less than 2 miles from the school of attendance may be eligible for a bus pass. There is a fee associated with the service.

To determine eligibility and complete an application contact the Transportation Department at 817-202-2190.


There must be an existing bus stop that serves the student’s residence.

  1.        The bus providing service must serve the school that the student is attending.
  2.        There must be available space on the bus.
  3.        The student must not present any behavior issues.

Final approval for a bus pass is only obtained with the authorization of the Director of Transportation.

Payment for a bus pass is done at the CISD Transportation facility located at 2002 West Kilpatrick. The entire amount of the fee must be paid for at the time when service starts. Payment is to be made by a Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. Fees are not prorated; all fees are due in full no matter when service begins or ends.

Bus Pass Fee (per Student) - Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order only.

  • Year: $150.00
  • Semester: $75.00

Fee for Student on Free or Reduced Lunch.

  • Year $75.00
  • Semester $43.75

A bus pass is only good for the time period purchased and may not carry over into another semester or school year. Passes are not refundable and will not be prorated for any unused amount.


Service will be discontinued if the fee due is not received. The student will not be allowed to ride the bus until the required fee is received.

If a bus becomes overcrowded, then any student that is a bus pass rider will cease to be provided transportation. In the event that a bus pass student is removed due to overcrowding, a prorated refund will be provided.

Students removed from the bus for behavior issues are not eligible for a refund of any unused days associated with the bus pass.