Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I register my child for Remote Learning?

  • Will Remote Learning in 2020-2021 be different from Emergency Remote Learning in the spring of 2020?

  • When do I need to have my child’s enrollment completed?

Instructional Services

  • Will a student’s choice to participate in Face-to-Face or Remote Learning be noted on their transcript?

  • Can Remote Learning students participate in extracurricular activities and sports?

  • Can students who choose remote learning take Dual and AP credit courses?

  • If I choose Remote Learning, will my child have the option of taking some classes in person (i.e. welding) or will my child need to select an elective that is offered in a Remote Learning setting?

  • Will my child be taught by teachers at his/her home campus or by teachers from other schools?

Student Services

  • What are the technology requirements for Remote Instruction?

  • Will meals be provided to remote learners?

  • What support will students with special needs have in Remote Learning?

Face To Face Instruction FAQs

  • What sources of information/guidance is Cleburne ISD utilizing in determining when to open school?

  • How do I register my child for Face-to-Face Learning?

  • When do I need to have my child’s enrollment completed?

  • Will the school screen my child daily for COVID-19 symptoms?

  • What are the protocols if a staff member or student shows symptoms of COVID-19?