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CISD Celebrating School Board Recognition Month

            Forward, Together is the theme of January’s School Board Recognition Month, reflecting the collaboration among school leadership, teachers and parents—on behalf of students.

Cleburne ISD is joining with public school systems across the state in honoring those elected to serve as members of their districts’ governing boards. Cleburne’s Trustees include Elizabeth Childress, president; Teddy Martyniuk, vice-president; Dr. Jason Tennison-secretary, Wendell Dempsey, June Bates, DeAnna King and John Finnell.

            “We are very grateful to the seven Trustees who serve on our school board,” Superintendent Dr. Kyle Heath said. “They are dedicated to the academic success of the 7,200 students served by CISD and committed to supporting our teachers and staff in the vital roles they provide. Our Trustees donate countless hours of study and research in preparing for their monthly school board meetings and special sessions. They also give of their time in attending district and campus events and activities and in service as district representatives within the community.”  

            The main function of the school board is to provide local, citizen governance and oversight of education. Though ultimate responsibility for education rests with the state, Texas has delegated much of the authority to local communities who elect their local school trustees to govern the school district.

The board works closely with the superintendent as a “team of eight.” The school board governs the district, but it does so with the advice of the superintendent. The superintendent manages the district, but he or she must do so with the oversight and management of the board, and within the framework of policies and priorities adopted by the board.


  Board responsibilities include adopting goals and priorities and monitoring success; adopting policies and reviewing their effectiveness; hiring and evaluating the superintendent; adopting an annual budget and setting the tax rate and communicating with the community.


      “To catch a glimpse of the Texas of tomorrow, we need only look into the classrooms of today,” said Governor Greg Abbott in his proclamation celebrating School Board Recognition Month. “The task that befalls our school boards is of the utmost importance. School boards set a vision for their district based on students’ needs and community values. They uphold standards of rigor, achievement, discipline and decency, and they provide a forum in which concerned parents and citizens can involve themselves in the educational process and make their voices heard on pressing issues.”


“Our school board members advocate on behalf of our children, strive to provide them the best possible education, and ensure that their needs—and those of their parents—remain a central focus.”


For more information on the role and responsibilities of school boards, visit the Texas Association of School Boards website: